To whom it may concern:

It is with great joy that I write this reference letter for Dr. Larry Martin. Dr. Martin has served Brownsville Revival School of Ministry as our Academic Dean for seven semesters and has been a wonderful asset to our ministry. He has been a loyal friend and comrade during some difficult transitions at our school and was able to bring stability and direction through his wealth of wisdom and experience.

Dr. Martin is a wonderful communicator, both as a teacher and preacher. People's lives are always changed under the anointing of the Holy Spirit that flows through him as he imparts the Word of God. Dr. Martin received a fresh anointing and passion at the Brownsville Revival that still drives him to this day. He absolutely loves the moving of the Holy Ghost, and creates a genuine passion for the Lord among all who are exposed to him.

Dr. Martin has been a great source of joy and inspiration to us all, and I give him my highest recommendation to you and your ministry. He is a seasoned and fruitful evangelist who will strengthen and encourage any body of believers. I intend to invite him regularly to my church as a partner in revival services.

Please contact me if I can be of further assistance.


Rev. Richard Crisco

Pastor Richard is the senior pastor of Rochester Assembly of God in Rochester, MI. Richard was the student ministries pastor at Brownsville Assembly during the revival and the president of Brownsville Revival School of Ministry while Dr. Martin served as academic dean.

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